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Children In Orphanages
Ele Lembra works to raise awareness of children in orphanages around the world. It is our desire to assist these wonderful children in finding Forever Families. Learn More ...
Older Children
Whether residing in orphanages, temporary foster homes, or any other place, the world is loaded with older children who are as frustrated with waiting for "Forever Families" as couples are tired of waiting for a child. Learn More ...
Children with Special Needs
Many of the children who wait for parents have Special Needs. These are incredible souls who need families that are as special as they are. Ironically, these children who need just a little bit more, always bring far more to a family than they could ever require. Learn More ...

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The Grim Statistics

It was February of 2005 when a group of about 12 Russian orphans took me into their group and made me their friend. It was then that I learned the statistics that explained what would happen to the ones who weren't adopted. Upon aging out of orphanages, as early as fifteen, sixty percent of the girls would turn to prostitution to support themselves. Seventy percent of the boys would become hardened criminals. Roughly forty percent would be unemployed. A third would be homeless. About ten percent of them would commit suicide the first year out of the orphanage. Only one out of ten would be a contributing member of society. I decided that something needed to be done. I didn't want a charity filled with executives taking in huge paychecks before declaring their organization "non-profit." I wanted to create a program where every possible penny went to helping children without parents to transition from an institutional world, to a productive life. I wanted a worthy place to spend my money, not a business or career, set up to look like a charity. The result is Ele Lembra (He Remembers). Ele Lembra is set up with the sole purpose of increasing the odds of a successful life for children without parents. Please help us to assist youth who age out of orphanages. Make a donation now. Ele Lembra is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations to Ele Lembra are tax deductible with the United States Internal Revenue Service.

About Ele Lembra

Ele Lembra is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2012 to help children who are transitioning from institutional settings to independent life. Ele Lembra supports the efforts of these individuals to lead better, more fulfilling lives as contributing members of their home countries. Ele Lembra focuses on those... Read More.