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About To Sing Frogs Lite

To Sing Frogs Lite

To Sing Frogs Lite

To Sing Frogs Lite is an abridged version of the highly acclaimed memoir, To Sing Frogs, by John M. Simmons.

While the book was written for a mainstream audience, words preceding the story in this version are particularly directed at Christian readers.

Adoption is about the children. To Sing Frogs isn’t. While the book provides an insightful, impactful and poignant look at orphans and their lives, To Sing Frogs is about big people, and what changes them. The observant Christian who reads the book will soon realize that the memoir is about exactly what the author says it is: him. A patient Christian wife and prayerful-minded Simmons, who claims to have been labeled as “a believer of sorts” (if there is such a thing), is much more comfortable with the term “coincidence” than he is “miracle.” But, as this self-described cynic sees the hand of the Almighty time and time again, he begins to soften, and his budding faith increases.

To Sing Frogs does tell a poignant and life-changing story of orphans and adoption which Christians will immediately relate to their own adoption into the family of Christ. More importantly, it shows how the faith and patience of friends and family members can inspire less faithful loved ones to recognize and accept the love of God.